Time Based Arts @ Time Factor(y) is an experimental educational project started  în 2014 at The National University of Arts  Bucharest, Romania.  Since 2011 after a succesfull job application in TBA I went on studying this new art form, and in 2014 I proposed to UNA a pilot workshop in order to introduce and research this media with students and a team of collaborators.
In my vision TBA , which is a form of contemporary art that includes beside dimension also a duration, can be studied in the following aspects:
Mixed media sculpture/ unconventional materials/ projects: Full time faculty member at the Sculpture Department  PhD Reka Csapo Dup
Intermedia/Video-Art/Site -specific Installations PhD Patricia Teodorescu
Performance Art/ installation/projects PhD Irinel Anghel- PhD Raluca Ghideanu
Audiosphere: PhD Mihai Plamadeala
In 2018 we continue to work and realize projects and exhibition in order to introduce this new art form in The National University of Arts curricula. 
Even if I am the initiator, coordonator and author of the project, I could not complete this by myself, due to which I want to thank the work to my team as well to all the involved students, and the constant support and advice of my fellow faculty members.

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