I first met Reka some years ago in Bucharest, when I was visiting the National Academy sculpture program, in the same building where Brancusi had worked as a student. I visited Reka's class and was impressed by the high quality of the student's work and also by the way the students were evidently stimulated and interested by her teaching. Perhaps her background in drama has given Reka the confidence to effectively communicate her enthusiasm for sculpture and her practical knowledge of the techniques of sculpture. In any case I was very impressed by this visit. I have kept in contact with Reka and met her at the International Sculpture Conference in London in 2010. She is unusual in having mastered a wide range of traditional skills, including bronze casting and stone carving, as well as being well informed about recent developments in sculpture; in this way she has invented teaching projects that engage her students to think about themselves as individuals in the contemporary world at the same time as acquiring the knowledge and skills of traditional sculpture. I have the highest regard for Reka and cannot recommend her too highly for any teaching position.

William Tucker
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