Reka Csapo Dup

Born in 1967 in Cluj-Napoca ( Klausenburg.) Romania.
Living and working in Bucharest. She attended The Art University in hometown, at the Graphic Department. Since 1992 she moved to Bucharest and studied until 1997 at the Sculpture Department. Since 1998 she is full time faculty member at The National University of Art  Bucharest, the Sculpture Department.
 In 2008 she obtained her PhD in Visual Arts. Since 2008 she is running her own class.
She is working in all traditional sculptural techniques such as stone and woodcarving, plaster, other  traditional and new media, and has a serious background of more than 20 years in the bronze casting field. She works wax loosing as well as ceramic shell casting process.
Her works are from very different media, especially sculptures, but since 2014 she started experimental work and an educational project called Time Based Arts @ Time Factor(y) through which she intends to introduce with a crew of professionals time based arts in the National University of Arts curricula. In 2011 she had a successful job application at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, due to which she started to research this field.
Her works are related to pseudo-religious, mystical themes, mostly translated trough conceptual arts.
She is member of the Romanian Artists Union-1998, The Royal Society of British Sculptors-2007, and CEO of the Combinart/1+1=10 Cultural Association since 2016.
She exhibited in many group exhibitions in the country and abroad.
Ludwig Forum-Aachen, GE-1995: Mucsarnok Gallery- Budapest, HU-1997:: National Museum of Contemporary Art- Mumbai, India-2007; National Gallery of Contemporary Art- Bucharest, R0-2006,2009; C.A.R. Contemporary Essen, GE-2015; Biennale Grotagglia, IT-2009; II International Sculpture Conference -2011 London, UK; European Academy of Participation-2016 Dublin, IR; Boryeong Art Museum, KO-2017; Member of the jury in the International Student Sculpture Competition- Arcevia, Italy-2011.
Since 2014 is art selector, commissioner and has several participatory and social art projects.
2014 –Nihil Sine U.N.A. Deea –group exhibition for the 150 year anniversary of the National University of Arts Bucharest, CAV GAllery, Bucharest
2015- Arts In Bucharest VI -curatorial project, ArtHalle, Tipografia Gallery, Bucharest
2016- Mirror-a hommage to Baltrusaytis, Tba@Tf(y) exhibition, project manager, CAV Gallery, Bucharest
2016- NAG – White Night of the Galleries, the Sculptors for the Future - youth sculpture competition organized by  Bucharest City Hall and AMPT (Monuments, Patrimonial and Tourism Office ), Combinatul Fondului Plastic, Bucharest
2017 – Dada on Tour: Last Stop Bucharest- an Adrian Notz and Cabaret Voltaire project, with the support of the Bucharest City Hall and creart/ The Culture Art and Tradition Center Bucharest, under the aegis of the Swiss Embassy., Tipografia Gallery
2017- 4 th Intercultural Romanian- Korean Exhibition, Romanian Commissioner, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Boryeong Art Museum, Korea
Prize and Grants: 1995 - Ludwig Grant, 1997 –Kunsthochschule Weisensee-Berlin, 1997- I prize for Metal, Arts of Fire Biennale, Bucharest, 1999- IV prize for Sculpture, Morges Switzerland, 2002- Gaudeamus Prize, Mona Vissa Auction House, 2016 – Grand Prize , Arts In Bucharest VII
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